7 Best Coffee Drink for Non Coffee Drinkers in 2021

Not all coffees taste the same nor all coffees are created equal.  

Best Coffee Drink For Non Coffee Drinkers

So, if you are not a big fan of coffee and exploring out the best coffee drink for non coffee drinkers.  

Then here we have crafted a list of the 7 best coffee drink for non-coffee drinkers to help ease them into the awesome world of coffee and enjoy the rich delightful sips every busy morning and tiring night 

Be adventurous and let’s brew the best coffee drink for non coffee drinkers… 

7 Best Coffee Drink for Non Coffee Drinkers 

 Not all of us like Cristiano Ronaldo, maybe Lionel Messi, Ibrahimovic, or some other football player they may like, just the same… 

There are millions of people out there who don’t like the burnt, bitter, and rich smooth flavored intense taste of coffee and still want to enjoy a cup just to crave the desperate need, right!  

Everyone has their own taste!  

So, here are the 7 different best coffee drink for non-coffee drinkers, having rich flavors like French Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Mocha, Hazelnut, Caramel, Macchiato, etc. Which you must try at least once in your life.  

Without any further delay, let’s dive in to sip it soon… 


Dirty Chai Latte 

This is one of the best and recommended best coffee drink for non coffee drinkers to get a better-acquainted taste of the coffee.  

The rich foamy, creamy and crummy delight is the perfect non-coffee drink to soothe your soul. If you haven’t tried it, then you haven’t done the good thing with your taste buds, because you snatched the right of your taste buds to dance in the spicy taste of Dirty Chai Latte made with cloves, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and pepper (it may vary from region to region).  

Most of the Coffee shops tend to use a spiced chai concentrate when making dirty chai lattes, adding about ½ parts milk (dairy or non-dairy as you like), and a shot of espresso for a little aromatic and rich kick of caffeine.  

The end result of this Dirty Chai Latte is rich, creamy, crummy, delicious, and it’s one of the best drink for non-coffee drinkers to enjoy.  


Mocha Latte (or) Café Mocha 

If chocolate is your first love, then Mocha Latte is the drink to ease your taste buds dance while drinking coffee. 

Just think hot chocolate with a bit of true espresso, literally your mouth is watering, right!  

A Café Mocha or Mocha Latte is a chocolate-flavored variant of a café latte which you can even add a bit of creamy whipped on top for added aromatic sweetness rich flavor 

Moreover, it’s very easy to brew at home, just blend for 10-20 seconds to create a foamy frothy mixture and on the top add the cocoa powder, whipped cream, or cacao nibs to enjoy the truest taste.  


Vietnamese Coffee 

If you like to enjoy the rich, sweet and smooth flavoured drink, then Vietnamese Coffee is just for you in this world, because it’s rich in taste and sweetness.  

The sweet taste of condensed Vietnamese Coffee milk adds creamy goodness that compliments the rich sweet coffee and makes it easy on the stomach for those who aren’t quite used to the harsh burnt, bitter taste and acidity of traditional coffee. 

So, if you’re exploring out for the best coffee drink for non coffee drinkers that to rich in taste and sweet, then Vietnamese Coffee must be your sip.  


Butter Coffee 

Looking out for some health benefits in your non coffee drink? Butter Coffee is the one which you must try.  

While most folks and vegans who live by a non-dairy diet are skeptical of putting healthy butter in their coffee, adding grass-fed butter (that means the cows who produced the milk for this butter keep in a natural healthy diet) so that your brew provides important healthy fats and benefits that your body craves for.  

Plus, apart from the health benefits that butter coffee provides, its creamy, light, fluffy and awesome taste makes it one of the best coffee for non coffee drinkers.  

If you haven’t tried this Butter Coffee also, then don’t worry, now you have the chance to enjoy it.  

In addition to this, only grass-fed butter obtained truly contains the right fats that regulate cholesterol rather than adding to it. Butter coffee is also a great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that works together to reduce and eliminates body fat.  

The vitamin K (water-soluble) that’s found in grass-fed butter is another added health benefit of butter coffee, which studies show reduces the risk of heart attacks and diseases.  

Brewing this Butter Coffee at home is also pretty simple, just brew it, blend it, serve it and sip it.  


Drambuie Delight 

Drambuie Delight is the best delightful best drink for non coffee drinkers. It’s basically a Royal Drink with a great recipe for non Coffee drinkers. A cold brew combo and aromatic taste… So, what’s not love? 

A little booze goes a long way in jazzing up a drink, the best drink for non-coffee drinkers, undoubtedly they will love it for sure 

The smooth taste of Drambuie Delight, spices, herbs, and heather honey spices, and just an aromatic touch of sweetness pair exceptionally well with the rich and bold flavors of the best cold brew coffee you have ever tasted.  

It is also very easy to brew and serve in seconds with ice in a rocks glass, well chilled, and fully serve garnished with a skewered piece of rich candied ginger or cardamom.  

So, why just reading and enjoying, try the actual rich taste of Drambuie Delight now!  


French Vanilla 

Of course, Vanilla is available in artificial flavors but if you seriously want to enjoy the rich taste of vanilla or the best coffee drink for non coffee drinkers, then a cup of French Vanilla Coffee is waiting out there for you.  

It’s a rich aromatic and delectable flavor, with added some deep sweetness to a light or medium roast coffee is the best thing you must like.  

French vanilla combines effortlessly with other flavors of coffee you like to add, including hazelnut and caramel, helping you get into the sweet java groove. 

You must try the French Vanilla flavored coffee now!  


Caramel Macchiato 

The rich and sweet Caramel Macchiato is a combination of caramel, steamed milk, and a rich shot of true espresso. 

It’s an enticing brew or the best drink for non-coffee drinkers with the flavored sweetness of the steamed milk and caramel fullness canceling out the coffee’s bitterness, and burnt taste. 

Moreover, the standard macchiato is hot, creamy, foamy milk, with a shot of true espresso. However, you can get it both as a hot brew or cold brew served with chilled ice.  

Don’t think much, just try the sweet Caramel Macchiato best drink for non coffee drinkers now!  

What’s the best coffee drink for non coffee drinkers and first time Coffee drinkers?  

If you have been to the Coffee Shop for the first time or want to enjoy a delightful sip of delicious coffee for the first and you are a non coffee drinker.  

Then I will strongly recommend you to go with Caffe Latte.  

Because latte is very mild, aromatic, and rich despite the one or two-shot of true espresso in terms of taste. 

Café’ Latte contains a rich high amount of steamed milk, cream, and sweetness which masks the bitter coffee taste rather well. Although you still get that flavor kick from the espresso. 

However, if you have an issue with dairy products or steamed milk, many places or coffee shops offer various milk alternatives, like almond or soy 

In addition, some coffee shops also give you the option of adding flavor syrups and other flavorings. However, we don’t recommend it because this isn’t the best way to enjoy a Cafe’ Latte, as thick steamed milk can already dull the rich taste of blended coffee.  

If you don’t want Café’ Latte or already tried it, then go with the Cappuccinos which require just one or two true espresso shots, but instead of steamed fresh milk, it contains frothed milk.  

However, many people don’t appeal to the taste of Cappuccino when trying it for the first time.  

What are the types of coffee beans? 

So, basically there are two types of coffee beans extracted from the coffee plants and they are… 

What Are The Types Of Coffee Beans

  1. Arabica Coffee Beans  
  2. Robusta Coffee Beans  

Arabica plants of coffee produce a more rich and thick smooth flavor and are generally less bitter when compared to Robusto coffee beans. But unfortunately, because these coffee plants require more care, they’re often pricier and are expensive. But it really worth’s what you spend.  

And the other coffee plant beans, which is Robusta has more bitterness and burnt flavor in its taste, making it less appealing, attractive, and liked by coffee lovers, although it’s less pricey and can be easily affordable.  

However, you must know that the best and rich thick coffee flavors for non-coffee drinkers can come from either plant. 

And many times, it also depends and varies how you make the coffee and add that unique magic, rich taste, and creamy look that determines how well and delightful the sip will be.  

Final words for best coffee drink for non coffee drinkers 

If you have never tried coffee in your life, then that sparkling charm and dancing of your taste buds with each delightful sip are missing.  

Exploring out for the best coffee drink for non coffee drinkers is the perfect thing to crave the desperate need of millions of coffee lovers around you.  

So, just select any of the non coffee drink you like, brew it or have it now!  

That’s the end of the 7 best coffee drink for non coffee drinkers in 2021 

Hope you have found this post helpful, informative, and learned something new to brew your non-coffee drink today.  

Don’t forget to share it with your friends, foes, relatives, and those who are searching for the best coffee drink for non-coffee drinkers.  

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Happy Brewing! 🙂 

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