How to Start Liking Coffee in 2021

Coffee is the beverage that millions swear by, but if you still haven’t understood why?  

How To Start Liking Coffee

Then, the answer is pretty simple. Some, people born and blessed with coffee-loving genes, and others not, right! But do you know, the rich taste of coffee can be acquired, yes it’s true… 

Now the question arises, then how to start liking coffee? In one line, joining coffee culture, experimenting with different roasts, and a coffee-drinking experience is the right way to find the perfect brew for you.  

Fun Fact: Excluding water, coffee is the world’s most consumed beverage behind tea, and there has to be a good reason for all the fuss.  

So, if you also want to break into the caffeination creation, then here we have shared a few tips and tricks on how to start liking coffee and help you kick start enjoying coffee wherever you are right now!  

Why start liking coffee 

Before we directly rush to brew the delicious coffee and start liking it, first let’s understand why you should start liking coffee, because it makes sense, right! 

Coffee is one of the best natural sources of rich caffeine content and is also a natural stimulant. This is why it is very popular to help people wake up every sleepy morning and put an extra pep in their step.

So, whether you need help waking up in the busy mornings, or staying awake late into the tired nights, a delightful and aromatic cup of coffee is one of the easiest ways to increase your ability to stay focused and alert 

However, too much coffee on an empty stomach can cause stomach ache or induce caffeine jitters, as excessive intake of anything is bad for your health.  

Now let’s learn how to start liking coffee if you’re having it for the first time or wants to acquire the true taste.  

How to start liking coffee 

To make sure you understand and grasp the tips and tricks we shared on how to start liking coffee, we have broken down the points so that you enjoy it sip by sip. Enjoy… 

1. Add cream, milk, or sugar 

Add Cream, Milk, Or Sugar 

Yes, if you don’t like the burnt and bitter taste of coffee, you can add some sugar, milk, cream, or additive flavor of your choice, because the bitter taste of coffee can be unpleasant and unlike new coffee connoisseurs. Just, try doing some experiments with different sweeteners, flavors when ordering or brewing until you find the perfect balance. 

You can also give a try to gourmet sweeteners like raw sugar, vanilla sugar, or chocolate powder. 

Do you know: Acidic, light roasts coffee also tastes best with milk, sugar, or cream, which dulls its bite while letting its delicious and delicate flavor come through with every sip you take.  

2. Add coffee as your regular morning beverage 

Add Coffee As Your Regular Morning Beverage 

Try to add coffee to your regular morning routine. And for most people, coffee is not just a beverage, it’s a ritual and must thing to wake up in the morning.  

You’ll also feel energized, confident, motivated, and ready to kick start your day. So, try drinking coffee in the morning for a few days or weeks and see if you begin to enjoy this habit as a breakfast beverage. 

 3. Taste fresh-brewed coffee 

Taste Fresh Brewed coffee 

 The freshly brewed rich and smooth thick coffee definitely changes the moment of every sip you intake. So, try to buy coffee from a café that brews whole fresh ground coffee beans, which retains a more rich and aromatic flavor when ground.  

Local coffee shops or coffee cafes are more likely to use whole beans than franchises, so try visiting frequently to the smaller, and privately owned coffee cafes. 

4. Join the coffee club  

Join The Coffee Club  

 Yes, you heard it right. Coffee clubs are a really great way to make like-minded friends, who love to enjoy and experience different roasted coffee drinks, so you can also discuss the thoughts on how to start liking coffee with your coffee friends. 

 After joining the coffee club, with coffee enthusiasts, you will learn a lot about various coffee drinks, roasts, flavors, coffee makers, machines, and so on in a very short amount of time. If no coffee clubs are available in your area or surrounding, try to join an online society and a forum of coffee lovers.  

 5. Blend & roast your own coffee 

Blend & Roast Your Own Coffee 

Purchase a coffee maker, best Espresso Machine, or a small Drip Coffee Make and learn how to brew fresh coffee beans at home. 

 Grinding your own freshly ground coffee beans allows you to use beans and perfectly roast levels you know you love and like. So, try to start with a standard coffee grinder or coffee makers and, once you’ve got the hang of brewing your own delicious coffee, consider purchasing Espresso Machine or French press.   

Most importantly, when purchasing coffee beans for the first time, make sure that there are no more than 10% faults in the coffee beans if purchasing a high-quality coffee blend. This will definitely give you the best deal for your money snd worth what you spend.  

6. Try light roast coffee 

Try Light Roast Coffee 

The degree or the amount to which coffee is roasted completely changes its flavor. Like Dark roasts refers (when the fresh coffee beans are completely roasted until blackened) and is generally more unpalatable for new coffee lovers or beginners. 

How to start liking coffee? Start with the sweetest and delicious mouth-watering drinks (like cappuccinos, mochas, and frappuccinos) and slowly move onto darker roasts and rich blend thick coffee roast as your palate changes. 

7. Buy fresh coffee beans  

Buy Fresh Coffee Beans  

Try maximum to keep your coffee beans fresh. If you brew or make coffee at home or with a friend, then after brewing put the package of coffee beans in an airtight container.  

Although the tetra packaging technology and best shell life can prolong and increase the coffee’s freshness, still the coffee beans start to begin losing their fresh flavor from the moment the package is opened. 

You can also precautionary follow and place the airtight container of coffee beans at room temperature (25° Degree Celsius) to preserve its rich and fresh flavor.  

8. Keep experimenting with coffee beans 

Keep Experimenting With Coffee Beans 

When you’re brewing or making delicious coffee at home, switch around and observe deeply to which you roast your beans.  

Like, high-quality fresh coffee beans should be roasted lightly with deep care so the flavor that comes through is awesome and mouth-watering literally. And for lower-quality coffee beans, a medium roast or a dark rich blend roast is the best. 

If you are having coffee for the breakfast, then light roasts are ideal because of their higher and rich caffeine content. As, in the morning with an empty stomach, excessive intake of caffeine results in some unwanted health problems.  

9. Know the benefits of coffee 

Know The Benefits Of Coffee 

Research the benefits of drinking coffee or coffee health benefits which gives you the incentive to drink the coffee and reason for how to start liking coffee.  

Coffee is fully loaded and rich with caffeine, and antioxidants that can boost your metabolism rate and keep your liver healthy and active.  

Moreover, Coffee lovers are less likely to develop heart rhythm problems, type 2 diabetes, and various types of cancer because of its bitter taste and caffeine.   

However, the antioxidants and other health benefits of coffee are great, but on the other hand, too much coffee can stunt growth and cause stress, and fatigue. Like all other things, coffee is best enjoyed in moderation. 

10. Give time yourself 

Side Effects Of Coffee In Females

Like many acquired tastes of different dishes and drinks, sometimes coffee also takes time to warm up to and get habituated of. So, if you don’t like your first cup of coffee, then don’t give up. 

All coffee blends and the rich flavor tastes different because it takes time to find the perfect brew for you.  

So, if you have already tried many different rich thick coffee blends and still don’t like the one, you may just not have a taste for it. This is normal, no need to worry at all!  

Now let’s explore, why many people out there don’t like the taste of the coffee. 

3 Reasons you might not like coffee 

As coffee is enriched with caffeine, the 3 things why you might not like the coffee taste can be flavor notes, bitterness, and acidity. Because caffeinated sources like coffee are highly rich in caffeine and those who are unaware of the preferences end up consuming more coffee that tastes horrible.  

Flavor notes  

Flavor notes are basically referred to the aromatic taste of the coffee and are dependent on the processing method, elevation, and region. The most popular and widespread flavor notes are caramel, vanilla chocolate, and fruit 

Remember, it doesn’t mean that these things are in the coffee, but that the taste of delicious coffee you prefer brings those elements to mind.  

So, to bring all this together, as a beginner or trying Coffee for the first and learning how to start liking coffee, try to aim for a low acidity coffee and medium roast, with friendly flavor notes such as vanilla, lemon, chocolate, or cinnamon.  

From here, slowly try experimenting with changing one of these elements and flavors at a time, until you find the one best and perfect brew for you! 


Do you know, Bitterness and the burnt taste of coffee is the number one culprit for turning people off coffee and not liking it. Over extracted coffee beans induced oil and an old coffee can become bitter and taste burnt, which inturns creating a lingering and nasty taste in the mouth which many people don’t like. 

Moreover, the dark roasted coffee has bitter notes in very low amounts and can create a deep rich flavor profile with a delightful and delicious taste when brewed right. 


Acidity is another reason why many people don’t like coffee, it is most often recognized and popular as the tang of coffee on your tongue.  

If you’re tasting the coffee or how to start liking coffee, then we strongly recommend beginning with a low acidity coffee to see, how it is, whether if you like it or not, and start moving to higher acidities once you have more experience tasting rich and strong coffee. 

Best coffee tips  

Here we shared some of the best coffee tips on how to start liking coffee, which you will definitely like… 

  1. Try a variety of coffee blends to come up with your unique taste 
  2. Having coffee regularly will definitely make you habituated to it because coffee is an acquired taste 
  3. Add some special flavor or cream to enjoy the awesome delightful sip 
  4. If you are not restricted to the tight budget, then go for high-quality coffee beans, because it yields a better cup of coffee or how to start liking coffee. 
  5. Try to avoid instant coffee, as better blends are also available in the market 
  6. Not every day you will roast or brew the same coffee, until and unless you got the perfect Nike to brew the delicious cup of coffee. 

Just follow the tips and secrets tricks listed above, and starts drinking coffee as well as how to start liking coffee and the best coffee for first-time drinkers, the best way to drink coffee for beginners, trying coffee for the first time, or how to start drinking coffee when you hate it. 

Things to remember or warnings 

Please check out the warnings or must things to remember on how to start liking coffee.  

  1. Just having the coffee in your diet doesn’t mean you will get all the nutrients. Coffee is just for taste and some additional supplements 
  2. Never store the coffee beans in the freezer, because frozen beans lose the flavor and dry out faster. 
  3. Hot coffee can be dangerous and can also cause skin burns, so try to avoid hot coffee and prefer to cool it down before having 
  4. Coffee can be addictive, so try to avoid the addiction of it.  
  5. Limited things are always good for health, so try to avoid the excessive intake of coffee.  

Some queries of coffee drinkers or those who are willing to start drinking coffee are how to start liking coffee, the best coffee for first-time drinkers, the best way to drink coffee for beginners, trying coffee for the first time, or how to start drinking coffee when you hate it. 

Conclusion How to Start Liking Coffee 

First of all, congratulations!  

Now you know everything about how to start liking coffee, why to start liking coffee, what are the benefits of coffee, warnings so on and so forth… 

So, your journey to that delicious cup of coffee is not far. Just make sure the roast of coffee beans, freshness, brewing, and some key points listed to enjoy and adopt how to start liking coffee.  

That’s the end of How to start liking coffee in 2021 

Hope you have found this post helpful, informative, and learned something new today, so why not share it with your friends, foes, and relatives who say, we don’t like coffee at all and grab them to know how to start liking coffee.  

Kindly spend just 5 seconds to share this post & share your love…    

Happy Brewing! 🙂

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